Kia Teases New Sportage In Sketches Ahead Of Frankfurt


Kia Teases New Sportage In Sketches Ahead Of Frankfurt

With Kia on the books to reveal an all-new Sportage at the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show this September, some teasers here and there are to be expected. And right on time, he’s Kia with some sketches of their next crossover. 

By the looks of it, Kia’s concept KX3 has had a lot of influence on the way this new Sportage looks, the final design of which, according to Autocar, was penned the automakers’ European design centre in, surprise surprise, Frankfurt.

The ‘Tiger Nose’ front grille, redesigned Optima-esque tail-lights, and overall sleek profile that melds subtle curves with hard-edged lines are pretty much a match for Kia’s design language for its latest generation of vehicles.

The interior sketches reveal a rather cleanly laid out dashboard with modern trend of a large centre-mounted infotainment screen and, as a result, fewer press-able buttons. Kia has set high standards for the new Sportage’s cabin, saying it will be the most refined and highest-quality interior they have ever offered, mixing “simple, modern style with rich material quality.”

Let’s see how that works out when the actual car is unveiled.

This move to a more premium overall product will likely raise prices accordingly, which may throw it in the ring with the Honda CR-VFord Kuga and Nissan X-Trail.

Powertrain options aren’t clear yet, but some sources have alluded to a new engine offered and a possible downsized three-cylinder motor making an appearance.  

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Jim Kem

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