KL police goes hard on motorists, issues 5,600 summonses a day


KL police goes hard on motorists, issues 5,600 summonses a day

The Kuala Lumpur Police force has been on a roll these past few weeks with over 5,600 summonses issued every day.

In the past three weeks of the "Respect Traffic Laws Ops", a total of 117,745 summonses were issued in the special operation against drivers who disobey the law. That's over 5,000 drivers caught red-handed every single day, and that's just in KL.

And the majority of them weren't even for major offences. According to the Star, around 83% of the summonses issued in the past three weeks were related to traffic obstruction. We're guessing that the folks over at PDRM are not playing around anymore, especially for those who contribute to making the traffic congestion worse in the heart of the city like double parking.

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These offenses also included an act that a good number of Malaysians don't really take seriously - stopping beyond the white lines at traffic lights or junctions as well as those yellow-painted boxes that nobody should stop in to give way to traffic.

According to KL's JSPT chief ACP Sarifudin Mohd Salleh, “This operation is to educate road users, but with enforcement. There will no longer be any tolerance. They need to learn to respect the law.”

Try doing the math for RM300 for each summons. July has been a very progressive month for the KL Police, eh? For the rest, please drive safely and obey all traffic laws. Be considerate as well because believe it or not, being nice on the road might help everyone to get home faster.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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