LA 2018: Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO Debuts Alongside GT Facelift


LA 2018: Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO Debuts Alongside GT Facelift

Just a couple of hours ago, Mercedes-AMG brought out the facelifted AMG GT and AMG GT R PRO at the ongoing 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show.

First up is the facelifted Mercedes-AMG GT line up, now with a slightly tweaked exterior. Changes are subtle, limited to new headlights with redesigned light guides and tail lights, new wheel choices, revised muffler tips, and rear diffuser design.

Changes inside are more apparent. The updated AMG GT range now gets a full 12.3-inch digital display that replaces the traditional meter cluster, allowing for three AMG-specific display styles – Classic, Sporty, Supersport. Supersport is a new display style that features motorsport-inspired shift lights.

New meter cluster aside, the facelifted AMG GT models also receive tiny TFT displays in the centre console which functions as displays for the chassis, ESP, exhaust system, rear spoilers, and start stop function. The TFT display theme continues to the new steering wheel lifted from the updated C63 range, now with the new Touch Control buttons. The AMG drive programmes are shown on tiny TFT displays located on the steering wheel.

Completing the updated interior is the new 10.25-inch infotainment display that sits on top of the air-conditioning vents.

Mechanically, the AMG GT range remain largely unchanged. The 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 continues to power all three models with different output figures:

  • AMG GT: 476 hp, 630 Nm
  • AMG GT S: 522 hp, 670 Nm
  • AMG GT C: 557 hp, 680 Nm

Apart from the updated AMG GT line up, Mercedes-AMG also introduced the limited edition AMG GT R PRO, a model they teased a few days prior to its debut.

The hotter AMG GT R PRO outputs 585 hp and 700 Nm from its massaged 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8, which shaves its 0-100 km/h time to just 3.6 seconds. Top speed is an eye-watering 318 km/h.

Differentiating the AMG GT R PRO from the plebeian models are the AMG coil-over suspension, which gives drivers the ability to adjust the compression and rebound of the dampers.

In addition to that, the front axle of the AMG GT R PRO is fitted with an adjustable torsion bar constructed out of carbon fibre, while the rear gets a steel-made bar, also adjustable like the front. Furthermore, the AMG GT R PRO gets Uniball spherical bearings at the upper wishbones of the rear axle, which are more wear-resistant than regular wishbone bearings.

Handling is enhanced even more by a carbon fibre shear panel in the rear underbody of the car, which stiffens up the rear end structure. The electronically-controlled dynamic engine and transmission mounts have also been retuned in an effort to further improve agility.

Visually, the AMG GT R PRO comes standard with the Carbon Package I that includes a front splitter, fins fitted into the wings, trim strips in the side sills, and a rear diffuser with clear-coated carbon fibre. A carbon fibre roof with lowered centre help reduce the centre of gravity.

In addition to that, the hotter AMG GT R PRO gets racing stripes running over the bonnet, roof, and rear hatch, as well as the sides. The wrap comes in light green when the vehicle is finished in Selenite Grey, while other body colours will receive the strips in matte dark grey. The stripes can also be omitted as an option.

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