Lexus Wins Most Reliable Brand In 2018 Auto Trader New Car Awards


Lexus Wins Most Reliable Brand In 2018 Auto Trader New Car Awards

When it comes to superlatives, rarely do you want to be known as the most reliable. Most handsome, most athletic, most intelligent - these are usually what one aspires to be. But to be reliable means that essentially your value stems from showing up when you're called upon. That being said, in the case of car ownership, reliability is one of the most underrated values you can find in a vehicle - and Lexus has come out on top at the Auto Trader New Car Awards in the UK. 

Unlike most car awards where there is a panel of judges to determine the winners, the Auto Trader New Car Awards relies on the opinions of roughly 43,000 car drivers responding to an online survey. This is the second year they've run the awards, and being a consumer-judged test there are bound to be some biases - but these are biases that only stem from a good (or bad) user experience. 

Regardless of the accuracy of the results, Lexus vehicles are known to be the most reliable of the luxury marques - and inherent trait of the Japanese - and while they may not be able to win on sportiness or brand strength, their owners are content knowing that they made a good choice. After all, there's no use in having a great car if it's always spending time in the workshop getting fixed. Roughly 99% of Lexus vehicles sold in the UK are self-charging hybrids, which is a testament to the reliability of the technology.