Limited Run BMW XM Red Label is literally red lipstick on a....BMW


Limited Run BMW XM Red Label is literally red lipstick on a....BMW

Alongside the launch of the BMX XM and XM Label Red next week, BMW will also be launching a limited run XM Label Red, featuring red accents.

Considering that BMW has labelled the XM as their M Flagship vehicle, it has a lot to live up to. 

2023 BMW XM Malaysia

While its M car-like 490hp twin-turbo V8 petrol engine that's aided by a 196PS electric motor is probably enough for ordinary mortals - BMW felt that its power wasn't enough, which is why they have created the XM Label Red, a fire-breathing version of the XM for those who are just pure adrenaline junkies.

2023 BMW XM Label red limited Run car

The BMW XM is officially making its global debut at the Shanghai Motor Show next week, and along side it, they will also be launching 500 limited run XM Label Red Edition, featuring a frozen carbon black metallic exterior finished with red accents around the grille and wheels.

2023 XM Label Red special edition

BMW says, the ordinary XM Label Red responds to the needs and desires of a global target group of individualists – customers with a taste for extrovert lifestyle and a passion for ultimate performance in a car reaching beyond traditional conventions. 

2023 BMW XM Label Red special edition 500 units

The big question is however, who is the limited-run Label Red car for? Those who are exactly what they have mentioned but love the added attention? Perhaps the same people who love the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento because the livery and colourway all remind us of that car.

That car however is non-street-approved hyper car which was born solely for the track, but this however feels like an XM with cosmetic changes, just in case nobody really buys the XM Label Red Edition, because, as we mentioned before, the regular XM is more than enough for ordinary mortals.

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