Lorry Driver Killed In 5 Vehicle Accident Along NSE Near Nilai


Lorry Driver Killed In 5 Vehicle Accident Along NSE Near Nilai

This afternoon at KM280 of the North-South Expressway, an accident involving 5 vehicles occurred when a trailer lorry on the northbound lane veered across the barrier into oncoming southbound traffic.

It impacted another trailer lorry travelling northbound as well as two cars (looks to be a silver Mercedes-Benz E-Class and red Mitsubishi Outlander) and a motorcycle leaving one deceased, four others injured, and one managing to escape unhurt.

It goes without saying that this caused long stretches of the highway to be clogged at a standstill as first responders worked to manage the situation.

The Malaysian Highway Authority had advised motorists to avoid that stretch of highway and find alternative routes to their destination. Contra-flows were initiated to disperse the 5km-long traffic jams that ensued.

Clips of the accident have gone viral, taken from the perspective of individuals on foot at the scene as well as of windscreen-mounted dashcams.

The footage shows driver of the northbound lorry suddenly and mysteriously losing control before cutting across two lanes before ploughing through the guardrail and into the path of oncoming southbound vehicles.

At this time it is not known what caused the driver’s sudden loss of control.

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Jim Kem

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