MBJB Offers 80% Discount On All Compounds From 1 October Till 31 December 2015


MBJB Offers 80% Discount On All Compounds From 1 October Till 31 December 2015

The Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) has announced a discount of 80% for all types of compound notices starting from 1 October until the end of 2015.

Speaking to The Star, A. Rahim Nin, mayor of Johor Bahru said that since 2011, there has been 2.3 million outstanding compound notices which amounted to RM88.3 million, which has yet to be settled with the council.

“Any type of compound notice will be eligible for the 80% discount from Oct 1 until Dec 31, including traffic offences, premises renovation offences, as well as compound notices which were given during any special operation.

“We hope that through this incentive, the public will start paying their outstanding compound notices to prevent further enforcement action taken against them.

“This will help us achieve our target to increase the collection amount from offenders,” he said.

Currently, a discount of 60% is offered to those who settled their compounds within two weeks of receiving them, while those who settled them at mobile counters would get 50% off for any type of compound, except those received during enforcement operations.

He added that legal action would be taken against offenders who fail to settle their outstanding compounds during the three-month period when the 80% discount is active.

Payment can be made at MBJB headquarters, Permas Jaya branch counter, Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Galleria Kota Raya, and the mobile counters set up by the council.