Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Announces Best Q1 With 3,335 units, Success Story Continues


Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Announces Best Q1 With 3,335 units, Success Story Continues

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) is certainly bucking the declining new vehicle sales trend in Malaysia, posting their strongest ever Quarter 1 (Q1) sales result through the sales of 3,335 units. This result is also in-line with the brands global performance, with nearly 600,000 units of sales.

Malaysia’s record setting Q1 sales performance is joint by India and South Korea in the Asia-Pacific region. The region recorded a new sales record of nearly 250,000 units, a growth of 13.5 per cent versus Q1 2017.   

Q1 2018 sales of 3,335 units marks a 13.2 per cent growth over Q1 last year and is it MBM’s second best quarterly sales results. The strong Q1 2018 is contributed by mega performance of January and February, registering 1,200 units and 1,185 units respectively. For comparison, the average sales for 2017 was 1,004 units per month.

Out of the total of 3,335 units:

  • Compacts: 596 units (+13.6%) - Best-seller: GLA
  • Sedans:  1,965 units (+8%)  - Best-seller: C-Class range with approximately 1,300 units
  • SUV: 675 units (+13.6%) - Best-seller: GLC
  • Dream car range: 94 units (+1%)

Matching its stellar sales performance is the strong growth in after-sales, MBM’s dealer network serviced a total of over 36,000 vehicles in Q1 2018, an increase of 18 per cent compared to the previous year.

Complementing the Mercedes-Benz end-to-end experience, Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) continues to record strong acceptance on their products and services, with a servicing portfolio that grew RM200 million from end 2017. Four out of ten Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Malaysia are financed and insured by MBSM.

Dr. Claus Weidner, President and CEO of MBM also commented, “Our evolving vehicle portfolio, superior retail and after-sales service, operational excellence and seamless customer journey translate to a higher degree of customer satisfaction, business excellence and market leadership,”

“We are proud of everything that MBM has achieved thus far as we mark our 15th anniversary in Malaysia. Just as we are excited about our exceptional track record, we look ahead for many more milestones to come,” added Dr. Weidner.

Among the highlights of MBM's 15 years here in Malaysia include formation of regional office, local-assembly of the C350e Plug-in hybrid, opening of City Store at T.R.E.C, and first dedicated pre-owned centre at NZ Wheels Klang.

MBM also launched the EQ brand and new brand experience that encompass the ownership of plug-in hybrids currently in the product portfolio as well as unveiling of the EQ-branded charging stations at Pavilion KL shopping mall.