Mitsubishi XPANDER Price Unveiled, RM 91,369


Mitsubishi XPANDER Price Unveiled, RM 91,369

Pricing has never been so competitive for a seven-seater with the Mitsubishi XPANDER, and over 2,000 customers have voted with their wallets.

A lot of the focus these days has been on compact crossovers with both national and foreign manufacturers whipping the covers off their latest offerings to much fanfare and aplomb. But let us not forget the humble multi-purpose vehicle with its large occupant capacity and usually an element of ruggedness - especially for our country. Many families have grown and moved around in an MPV, which makes it an especially important segment to fight in. For Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, that latest model is the XPANDER - yes, all caps - and the price has finally been announced at RM 91,369.

Since bookings for this seven-seater crossover have opened, more than 2,000 customers have put their faith in the three diamond star with their wallets. Part of this is also due to the sales tax exemption that expires at the end of 2020, so many customers are grabbing new vehicles as quick as they can. With four colours to choose from - Titanium Grey, Quartz White, Diamond Black, and Red Metallic - the XPANDER represents a more youthful approach to the market that hasn't been seen since the Mirage.

Powering the XPANDER is a 1.5-litre MIVEC petrol engine that makes 105 PS and 141 Nm of torque - pretty par for the course in this market segment, as is the four-speed automatic transmission that's mated to the engine. In many ways, the formula is pretty consistent among offerings, but the party trick for the XPANDER is its flat-folding second AND third-row seats that provide an impressive amount of cargo-carrying capacity if need be. Most options will allow a fold but it won't exactly be flat or flush. Watch this video to see how it works. 

The XPANDER is not without its features, with a roof-mounted air con vents to keep rear passengers cool, a 9-inch audio system with Android Auto and Apple Car Play functionality, a 4.2-inch high contrast meter for engine metrics, and your usual suite of passive safety systems like Active Stability Control and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution. Should you go for the Authorised Dealer Package, you even get a Driving Video Recorder and an All Round Monitor - the latter of which is known as a 360-degree camera or bird's-eye view for parking and manoeuvring.

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