More Than Just A Service Centre - First VW Technical Centre Opens


More Than Just A Service Centre - First VW Technical Centre Opens

Since November last year, Volkswagen Group Malaysia have been embarking on several initiatives to improve its customer satisfaction - starting with the Volkswagen Experts Programme, expansion of its 3S centre network, increased operating hours of selected service centres, and expanded availability of the courtesy car service.

Recognising the gaps in the company's existing dealer network's service capacity, Volkswagen has now opened its first Technical Service Centre in Malaysia.

Despite the nondescript name, Volkswagen's Technical Service Centre is more than just a regular service centre: the facility, first of several more to come, serves as a specialist centre to diagnose and repair Volkswagen vehicles, and is properly equipped to deal with a wide range of issues quickly. The centre works within a 24-hour turnaround time for most of the vehicles under its care.

Currently, the sole Technical Service Centre is located in Cergaz Autohaus in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail in Kuala Lumpur. We understand that at least two more of such facilities are being planned.

The facility in Cergaz Autohaus features 10 work bays with additional space for 20 vehicles, 17 full-time staff, with mechanics supervised by several Volkswagen-certified Master Engineers.

In total, the Technical Service Centre has an estimated service capacity of 7,000 vehicles a year. The centre also incorporates a 24/7 towing service in case of vehicle breakdown.

At a media event yesterday, Volkswagen Group Malaysia's Managing Director Mr. Armin Keller said:

"Nationwide, the overall capacity at Volkswagen service centres has also received a boost, with the creation of an additional 44 work bays across the country. A total of 97 Technicians have been trained since December 2014, and a further 78 service staff have been hired. Together, these enhancements have led to a significant reduction in waiting times for service appointments, from 10 days down to an average of only two days."