New Toyota Avanza 1.5X Available For Booking, Priced from RM82,700


New Toyota Avanza 1.5X Available For Booking, Priced from RM82,700

UMW Toyota Motor has just announced a new addition to the Toyota Avanza compact MPV line-up, the Avanza 1.5X variant.

Following the popularity of the X variants in the Toyota Camry, Vios and Innova models, UMWT has developed an X variant in the Avanza model line-up.

The execution for Avanza X differs from the other models, as the Avanza X follows a rugged theme. Using the Avanza 1.5G variant as the base vehicle, the front and rear bumpers now have extensions finished in black with silver trim insert.

These extensions are neatly integrated with the black over-fenders, and now creates a visual look of reducing the tyre and wheel arch gap. The bottom of doors are also fitted with side moulding pieces.

The rear pillar and upper sections of the tail gate also receives a treatment of black paint, providing a ‘floating roof’ look.

The X variant also include a pair of reflectors that integrated with the rear lights and number plate trim piece.

There is no mention of changes to the interior. 

Also available as optional accessories are a roof ornament and 16-alloy wheels with a multi-spoke design. Buyers can also browse the internet through the optional DVD-AVN touch screen infotainment system which also includes GPS route navigation. 

The new Avanza 1.5X, priced from RM82,700 (OTR without Insurance) can be viewed from 24th February onwards when there will be a Toyota Weekender event at all showrooms. 

All new Toyota Avanza models come with a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty and their respective Peninsular Malaysia OTR without insurance prices are as follow:    

  • Avanza 1.3E M/T: RM70,200
  • Avanza 1.5E A/T: RM76,600
  • Avanza 1.5G A/T: RM79,200
  • Avanza 1.5S A/T: RM81,500
  • Avanza 1.5X A/T: RM82,700