Nissan Navara Facelift Unveiled - New PRO-4X Model Included


Nissan Navara Facelift Unveiled - New PRO-4X Model Included

Nissan Navara facelift unveiled - also comes with a new variant called the PRO-4X.

After more than five years of being in the market, the current generation Navara (NP300/D23) is getting a facelift, and we suppose it's more of an exercise to keep up with the new direction and family face of Nissan.

Nissan Navara facelift front end

Most noticeable exterior changes include a more pronounced front end, including a taller hood, grille a la the Nissan Titan (Nissan calls it the Interlock grille), and headlights with four projector LED cubes in the housing surrounded by C shaped day time running lights. 

Nissan Navara facelift rear end

At the rear, it receives the same facelift treatment continuing the C shaped theme with taillights that have a C light guide design, beefier bumper as well as a redesigned tailgate. 

To keep up with the competition in terms of safety, the facelift Navara comes with intelligent forward collision system, intelligent emergency braking, intelligent around-view monitor (360 camera angle) and offroad monitoring system which can help check and detect obstacles.

Some other noticeable parts of the safety gear include intelligent driver alertness, lane departure warning, intelligent lane intervention and blind-spot warning.

Nissan Navara facelift seats

Refinement wise, the facelift Navara has been said to be included with acoustic laminated glass to help with diminishing exterior noises. Comfort improvements continue with increased amounts of sound-deadening insulation. 

Nissan Navara facelift interior

For a better piloting experience, a new Nissan steering wheel and improved styling of the instrument panel highlighting the 8-inch navigation screen and a 7-inch higher-resolution TFT screen has been put in place whereas passengers can enjoy the new rear seats with upgraded seat cushions and back shapes. For added convenience, passengers in the back can also now utilize the new rear armrest with built-in cup holders to store beverages or smartphones.

Nissan Navara facelift side profile
Under the new rugged and handsome body, a new steering rack has been equipped to help with agility and maneuvering and a new stronger rear axle has been put in place to help with heavier payloads.

As with a lot of facelift cars, the powertrain usually remains the same, and the Navara is no exception and will continue to use the current Renault sourced 2.3-litre turbocharged diesel engine with 190PS and 450Nm of torque. 

The Malaysian Navara never received this engine as it used the 2.5-litre engine from the previous generation Navara (D40) which pushed out the same output as the  2.3-litre Renault engine. 

Will the Malaysian Navara finally get the smaller Renault engine this time around? Only time will tell, but whatever it is, we're pretty sure that it'll be mated to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed auto currently seen in the Malaysian Navara. 

Part of the facelift launch was also an introduction of the Nissan Navara PRO-4X which comes with its own distinctive, athletic look with a black Nissan emblem, a black front bumper and black grille, door handles, roof racks and running boards accented by 17-inch black wheels and all-terrain tires. 

Nissan Navara PRO-4X

The PRO-4X takes the design up another notch with lively, orange-red accents, a tint inspired by the colour of magma, contrasted with the dark grill, wheels, and mirror caps.

The PRO-4X line also uses a signature orange-red color for the Nissan wordmark on the black emblem, as well as other orange-red accents inside and outside the car.

The new Nissan Navara will be available in eight exterior colours, with two new colours (Orange Brown and a new shade of grey, developed for the PRO-4X grade) available in all markets with light grey, grey and black fabric or leather interior (options and colours will vary by market).

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