No Matter What Your Dream EV Is, A Smarter Financing Plan Is Now Here


No Matter What Your Dream EV Is, A Smarter Financing Plan Is Now Here

These days with the flood of fully electric vehicles entering the Malaysian market, being behind  the wheel of something sleek, silent, and produces zero emissions is equally about making a  statement of prestige as it is about cutting our carbon footprint. 

Sure, the sound of snarling engines and high revs can be intoxicating, but there’s also something  to be said about an EV’s effortless performance and its futuristic simplicity that can’t be ignored.  

Those on the cutting-edge of trends or are at the forefront of high technology have a wide  selection of EVs to choose from as many legacy automakers have fully embraced the  electrification wave. However, far from being a domain exclusive to the wealthy, electric vehicles  are rapidly becoming more and more accessible.

A Sea Of EVs 

As we have said, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting your EV. At the least  expensive - but by no means is it lacking substance - end of the spectrum is the ORA Good Cat  with a starting price of just RM140,500. Its curvy-cute looks and surprisingly spacious cabin  makes it an interesting proposition. 

This is swiftly followed up by the BYD Atto 3 Standard Range that begins at RM149,800. We were  particularly impressed with the fit and finish during our time with it, so it’s no surprise to us why it  has become very popular with buyers going electric for the first time.  

Then there’s also BMW iX3 (from RM322,800) that forms the foundation of the Munich  automaker’s ambitious EV push. As the name suggests, the iX3 is a fully electric version of the X3  but swaps none of the verve and sharp driving characteristics. 

The iX (starting from RM403,800), meanwhile, can be considered a different animal altogether.  With dual electric motors and built upon a new dedicated platform, it deservedly holds the title of  BMW’s flagship EV. Its exterior is striking to say the least but its cabin is pure class, and in the  premium zero emissions segment here it does nothing less than dominate. 

BMW have also recently launched a new range-topping variant of the iX called the xDrive50. At RM546,800, it’s quite a bit pricier than the baseline variant but packs an enormous 111.5kWh  battery that delivers up to 630km of range. Coupled with having 523PS and 765Nm on tap, this  newest iX is a beast.  

For those of you preferring something a little more left field but not wanting to compromise an  inch on style, the Volvo C40 should be just the thing. This svelte Swedish coupe-SUV is one of the  most recent market entrants and pairs a 78kWh battery to dual motors for 408PS and 660Nm  which, given its modest dimensions, gives the C40 some very spicy characteristics.  

However, when it comes to RHB’s Green Financing, all EVs are viewed as equal and are equally  eligible. The watchwords here are ‘variable rate’ - where typical hire purchase agreements use  fixed rates, and it turns out this is perfect for EV buyers.

The RHB Advantage  

It's rare to have the best of both worlds when talking about vehicle financing, but RHB Green  Financing is an exception. You enjoy the benefits of a very attractive rate as well as a maximum  tenure of 9-years, without any drawbacks if or when you choose to settle early and sell the car  when the latest crop of cutting-edge EVs catches your fancy.  

You can enjoy increased savings by paying your monthly instalments earlier. RHB's Green  Financing operates on a daily rest basis, which means that customers who pay their instalments  earlier in the month instead of waiting until the end will experience even greater savings.  

Using the aforementioned ORA Good Cat as an example (with a starting price of RM140,500),  customers of RHB Green Financing with a RM20,000 downpayment for a RM120,000 financing  amount with a 9 year tenure at an offered variable rate from 2.05% p.a would result in a monthly  instalment of RM1,317.  

RHB calculates that the potential profit savings from Variable Rate over that 9 year tenure would  amount to RM1,797.29. Furthermore, should the customer opt to pay an increased instalment of 

RM1,400 (an additional RM83) per month, it would result in a potential profit savings of  RM1,639.78 with a shortened tenure of 6 months.  

Nowadays, EV makers are also pretty confident in the quality and reliability of their cars.  Consequently, the resulting 8-year warranty (at least on the EV drivetrain and battery components)  have become the industry standard, but much like smartphones, EVs do have an inherently  reduced ‘peak performance’ window compared to combustion-powered cars.  

Therefore, should the most opportune window to sell off an EV present itself earlier than  expected, or before the financing tenure has concluded, Green Financing customers have the  flexibility to sell off their vehicle before battery degradation becomes an issue.  

Additionally, for a limited time, RHB is offering Green Financing customers a 1-year  complimentary ChargEV membership valued at RM240, giving them access to the largest EV  charging network in Malaysia. By planning your trips efficiently using the ChargEV app and finding  free public chargers, you can potentially "refuel" for a whole year, for FREE!  

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