Over 10% of vehicle sales for BMW Group Malaysia are ELECTRIC

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Over 10% of vehicle sales for BMW Group Malaysia are ELECTRIC

BMW Group Malaysia has been introducing a range of electric vehicles under the BMW and MINI brands and they've been received well.

Even before the year ends (just waiting for Christmas and New Year around the corner), BMW Group Malaysia stated that they've hit over 10% of total sales of 2022 just for their electric car offerings. The exact numbers are not out just yet, but you can practically see their EVs more and more now on the road.

Over 1,600 units of EVs & PHEVs sold in 2021

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A total of 10,500 vehicles were sold and registered by the brands under BMW Group Malaysia (BMW, BMW Motorrad & MINI). Over 1,600 units of those were a combination of EVs and PHEVs, so we believe them when they say over 10% of sales this year are just for EVs.

Looking at what they've launched so far like the BMW iX, iX3, i4, and MINI Cooper SE, it's clear that their EV plans are targeted towards a wider group of folks here in Malaysia. For those looking for something that's a bit more premium, the official arrivals of the BMW i7 and i4 M50 are not that far, especially the i7 which has already been previewed.

Support of EV charging infrastructure

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The selling of products is just one aspect when it comes to EVs, and BMW Group Malaysia knows that. For this reason, they've been working hard on expanding its EV charging infrastructures across the country not only with its network of dealers, but also outside of them.

Apps like ParkEasy and JomCharge have been collaborating with BMW Group Malaysia to ensure ease of charging access not only for their EV customers, but also for EV owners in general here in the country. 2023 is going to be the year that EVs will truly bloom and prosper.


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