Over 9,600 units Isuzu D-Max sold in Malaysia in 2023, secures #2 position in Sabah, Kedah, Pahang


Over 9,600 units Isuzu D-Max sold in Malaysia in 2023, secures #2 position in Sabah, Kedah, Pahang

Isuzu concluded a stellar 2023 on a triumphant note, surpassing its own previous all-time sales record for the acclaimed Isuzu D-Max, established just a year earlier in 2022.

A remarkable 9,650 units of the award-winning pick-up truck found eager owners nationwide. With an impressive 16.6% market share, the D-Max secures its place as the third best-selling pick-up in Malaysia, while claiming the coveted second spot in Sabah, Kedah, and Pahang.

Isuzu Malaysia's CEO, Mr. Shunsuke Okazoe, remarked on the sustained high interest in the third-generation D-Max since its Malaysian debut in 2021. The model's exceptional features, excellent driving dynamics, versatile operation, and remarkable value for money have not only retained a strong core customer base but also expanded it through a noteworthy 185% increase in sales.

Among the eight variants available, the 1.9-litre Standard variant emerges as the darling of Malaysian buyers, contributing a significant 28% to the overall sales. Renowned for its modest engine displacement, this workhorse variant offers the added advantages of lower road tax and running costs, making it an ideal choice for various commercial applications.

Adding to the D-Max's allure, the flagship X-Terrain variant experienced a substantial 24.5% growth in sales since its launch. The year 2023 brought meaningful updates to the D-Max, including the inclusion of an electronically actuated rear differential lock as standard on all 4x4 variants, along with new colours and wheel designs.

The D-Max lineup boasts two power-packed options: a 1.9-litre (150 PS/350Nm) or a 3.0-litre (190 PS/450 Nm) turbodiesel inline-4 unit, paired with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The price range for all eight variants spans from RM94,949 to RM150,938.

While the X-Terrain stands out with a generous 7-year/unlimited mileage warranty, the rest of the D-Max lineup is covered by a commendable 5-year/150,000-km warranty. The record-breaking success of the Isuzu D-Max paints a picture of a resilient and continually evolving pick-up truck that resonates with a broad spectrum of discerning customers.

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