Penang's Bukit Kukus Elevated Highway Flooded Due To Excess Rubbish


Penang's Bukit Kukus Elevated Highway Flooded Due To Excess Rubbish

Mere weeks after officially opening, the Bukit Kukus Twin Highway in Paya Terubong, Pulau Pinang, has experienced some mild flooding following heavy evening rains that hit the island over the past weekend.

Touted as Malaysia's highest elevated highway, it definitely was an unexpected victim of road flooding. Motorists could be seen chaotically trying to turn around instead of wading through the deepening water, which caused considerable congestion heading toward Jalan Tun Sardon.

Bukit Kukus Twin Highway

Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) officials said that flooding was caused by dry leaves and rubbish that clogged the drainage system, which had been carried by the consistent heavy rains the area has been experiencing.

It added that immediate work was carried out to clear the water obstruction and restore normal traffic flow, but expressed disappointment at some road users who were responsible for the roadside littering, especially on such a newly launched road. Since the road’s launch, many have posted pictures on social media of food and drink wrappers, plastic bags, and cigarettes that have been carelessly dumped.

Bukit Kukus Twin Highway - MBPP

Similarly, MBPP also took the opportunity to chastise those who stop by the roadside to take pictures and selfies of themselves at the Bukit Kukus Twin Highway without regard to the danger they are putting themselves and other motorists in.

That being said, it is not known if local authorities will strengthen any enforcement to ensure litterbugs and errant picture takers face due punishment for their irresponsible behaviour.

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