Perodua Gives Away 100 Child Seats For Raya


Perodua Gives Away 100 Child Seats For Raya

It's one of those times of year again when numerous families take time out of their lives to balik kampung, usually involving a long, arduous trip up and down the highway. For a not unsizeable number of those on the road, they will have the added difficulty of carrying children - be it newborns to a couple of years old - and this means that a child seat is necessary in order to properly secure a child on a journey.

For many, child seats are not easily accessible. They're fairly expensive and require a little bit of understanding in order to mount properly, especially in cars without an ISOFIX system. Add to that the fact that children outgrow child seats quickly and the idea becomes largely unappealing - even though it's the safest way to carry a child in a car. To do their part in ensuring road safety, Perodua distributed 100 GearUp child seats to motorists at three highway rest areas in Peninsular Malaysia.

The toddler seats were gifted to lucky Perodua drivers travelling with children aged roughly between two and six, at Petronas stations at Rawang (PLUS), Bentong (Karak Highway) and Seremban (KL-Seremban Highway) rest areas. Introduced concurrently with the Road Safety Campaign in October, Perodua’s GearUp child seats are available in two models. Both are ISOFIX compatible and satisfy ECE R44 safety standards.

The infant seat, priced at RM622.50 (RM640 in East Malaysia), is suitable for infants weighing up to 13 kg, while the toddler seat, priced at RM736 (RM754.50 in East Malaysia), is designed for children weighing 9-36 kg. All prices are introductory with 0% Goods and Services Tax (GST), valid until 30 June.