Petrol Station Operators Must Keep The Bowsers Flowing – KPDNHEP


Petrol Station Operators Must Keep The Bowsers Flowing – KPDNHEP

With the direction by the Ministry of Finance to move to a weekly managed float and an indication of lower fuel prices from January 1st 2019, fuel dealers were sternly warned to keep their premises open as well as having sufficient supply of fuel.

In a report by the Star, the president from the Bumiputera Petrol Dealers Association, Datuk Abu Samah Bachik was quoted as saying that pumps were expected to be dry on Tuesday (December 31st) as operators refuse to top up their reserve at the end of this month.

Datuk Abu said the dealers do not want to purchase new stock of current the costing, only to sell at a much lower retail price from January 1st.  

As such, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) issued a reminder to petrol dealers to adhere to their business licenses, which included ensuring sufficient supply of fuel at their premises for daily sales.

Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Seri Jamil Salleh said fuel was a controlled item and the Government ensured its supply and availability at all times.

“Failure to adhere to these conditions as stated in their license is an offence. Legal action can be taken against errant operators,” said Datuk Seri Jamil. A fine up to RM 1 million or a 36-month jail sentence can be ordered to those who breach their licenses.

 “We will be monitoring petrol stations nationwide to ensure these premises operate as usual with sufficient supply,” he added.