Proton unveils the S70 R3 Concept at 2024 Malaysia Autoshow


Proton unveils the S70 R3 Concept at 2024 Malaysia Autoshow

The R3 name has returned again for the 2024 Malaysia Auto Show as Proton has made the long awaited move of stamping it on the back of their newest model, the S70 sedan. However, at least for now, it remains a ‘concept’ vehicle of a race-ready touring car.

Developed by the national automaker’s R3 Motorsports and to be entered into the Sepang 1000km endurance race later this year, they say it marks the first all-new racing car since the Proton Saga R3 in 2019, with which it took victory at the S1K for 3 consecutive years.

“PROTON has a long history in motorsports, starting with the original Proton Saga and our involvement was ramped up with the inception of Proton R3 in 2003. Since then, we have competed and won in various competitions up to a global level with models as varied as the Proton Satria, Waja, Suprima S, Iriz, and the latest version of the Saga,” said Proton’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Abdullah.

“Now with the Proton S70 R3, we are adding another milestone to our legacy, marking not only the return of the Proton name to the S1K event but also the first racing car based on a model jointly developed by Proton and Geely,” he added.

The car shown off at the Malaysia Auto Show does bear the exterior trappings of a car that belongs on track, such as a much more aggressive wheel (15-inch Raxer alloys), tyre (Hankook Ventus TD semi slicks) and brake setup. Alongside this, it’s impossible to miss the large and prominent carbon rear wing hanging on that boot lid, complemented by a lowered stance and a custom aerokit with wider front and rear bumpers to go along with a front splitter and rear diffuser.

That said, this car does not seem to have gone through interior modifications that are quite so intensive. Peeking past the heavily tinted windows, we glimpsed a seemingly unchanged S70 dashboard and seats, even the windscreen-mounted ADAS camera.

Furthermore, the car’s standard exhaust system seems to have remained intact on this concept version, leading us to believe that the 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine and 7-speed dual clutch transmission are unchanged as well.

That said, as the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) regulations do not allow engines using forced induction, R3 will have to make some significant changes to get it on the grid.

With their plans to take this racing, it remains to be seen if Proton will grant the wishes of the enthusiast community and offer an R3-enhanced S70 to the buying public. However, should the response to this concept car’s first appearance here be obviously positive, there’s always that chance they’ll come around.

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