The all-electric BMW i7 redefines luxury through the embrace of Forwardism


The all-electric BMW i7 redefines luxury through the embrace of Forwardism

The arrival of the fully-electric BMW i7 marks a significant point in the famed automotive brand’s journey to merge luxury with zero emissions mobility. It embodies the concept of 'Forwardism’ - itself an ideology and mindset more than anything else - in the name of relentless progression to push the boundaries of the ordinary. Emerging from this is an icon of luxury in every aspect.

The i7 represents the forefront of a new kind of luxury and design for BMW, captivating in its commanding presence, innovative spirit, and emotional impact, standing as both a statement and work of art, fuelling the joy and enduring fascination for the days ahead and well beyond. 

The BMW i7 redefines the established concepts of luxury by prioritising the individual and their unique attitudes, requirements, and emotions. Beyond its commanding presence, sophistication, and top-tier craftsmanship, it embraces a forward-looking philosophy marked by groundbreaking advancements that directly elevate the user’s journey. In essence, the BMW i7 is tailored for those who see personal mobility as an opportunity to welcome extraordinary moments in their daily routine and during their travels.

The i7, as BMW’s flagship fully-electric luxury saloon, represents the pinnacle of luxury within Munich-based automaker’s stable, combining the brand's renowned quality and craftsmanship with advanced technology to deliver an exceptional driver and passenger experiences unmatched by any other marque.

Like its iconic 7 series predecessors, the i7 of today not only evokes emotions of awe and empowerment with its visual presence, but also features an opulent, spacious, yet cosseting interior – setting new standards for comfort and innovation.

Its electric powertrain utilises dual electric motors generating a combined 544hp and 745Nm of torque for effortless performance and acceleration, making it not only environmentally friendly, but also an undisputed powerhouse on the road.

Inside and out, it is a symphony of functionality, ornamentation, and meticulous craftsmanship throughout, exemplified by the Swarovski crystal integrated into its headlights. Starting from the illuminated BMW Iconic Glow grille and extending to the aforementioned crystal headlights, and culminating in a cascading pattern of overlapping crystals as a side accent. When the automatic doors gracefully open to greet you, BMW fondly refers to this as the Great Entrance Moment.

The Rear Executive Lounge provides comfort seats in the passenger area equipped with a reclining function and integrated leg rests. Its rear doors feature integrated 5.5-inch touchscreens for convenient control over various functions – including the infotainment experience, climate control, and fine tuning of seat adjustments.

However, the pinnacle of the experience has to be the expansive 31.3-inch BMW Theatre Screen in 8K resolution, set against the glow afforded by the Sky Lounge panoramic glass sunroof and its newly designed light show, which uses optic threads backlit by LED units, itself taking its cues from the individual My Modes settings.

For the i7, BMW have also crafted IconicSounds Electric alongside award winning composer Hans Zimmer. They are distinctive soundscapes that not only enhance pedestrian safety by adding a sonic presence to these quieter vehicles but also helps create an emotional connection between driver, passenger, and the otherwise silent electric cars. These are also selectable to suit different preferences and driving modes to align the auditory experience.

Meanwhile, the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, a standout feature, delivers a captivating audio experience that ignites the senses into an enthralling journey.

The i7 joins BMW’s prestigious fleet of fully-electric vehicles, all defined in their own way through innovative features such as state-of-the-art batteries and a seamless integration of electric powertrains as part of BMW’s 5th-generation eDrive technology.

It delivers worry-free eco-conscious motoring with over 600km* of range from a single charge thanks to the use of lightweight construction methods and an aerodynamic design achieved through extensive testing. Meanwhile, fast DC charging at up to 195kW allows the i7 to replenish its reserves (10% to 80%) in only 34 minutes*.

The i7 stands as BMW’s most direct statement on the nature of high-end electromobility; that it is not just about reducing carbon emissions. Rather, with its core rooted in the concept of Forwardism, it represents a bold step toward a future where luxury, sustainability, and even driving thrill exist in symbiosis; a re-imagination of the conventional, the transformation of what we assumed to be beyond today’s limits but, like the i7, is here before our eyes.

Like anything meticulously crafted and built, the i7 deserves to be experienced in person in order to be truly appreciated. Click here to find out more about the i7 and Forwardism or visit your nearest BMW authorised dealership now to discover it for yourself.

*The charging performance depends on the vehicle equipment, state of charge, ambient temperature, individual driving profile, and use of auxiliary consumers. The ranges shown are based on the WLTP best case. The charging times apply to ambient temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius after a preceding drive and may differ depending on the usage behaviour.

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