The Toyota Yaris In 2020 Is At Its B-Segment Best


The Toyota Yaris In 2020 Is At Its B-Segment Best

The Toyota Vios has become a fixture, dating all the way back to the early 2000s. It’s presence is one of the single biggest automotive forces that have altered our roads - not just here, but in the wider region. For a lot of buyers, it was the right car at the right time, but it’s also a victim of its success.

Toyota Yaris Taking Back The B-Segment Fight

It’s because the Vios’ image of perhaps being a little tight-collared that the Yaris is able to flourish alongside it, and this newest version is fully capitalising on that contrast in order to position itself as the rebellious younger brother. But it’s a Toyota, too, so you know it’s personality is still grounded.

With its edgy looks, bright colour palette, and optional bodykit, the Yaris strikes the right balance between the straight-laced image of past Toyotas as well as the more daring and mischievous character the automaker now finds itself leaning more toward.

That’s also the same kind of appeal that’s drawing a lot of interest away from its rivals, which have fallen into their own little rut of predictability. Since the departure of the previous Yaris that was brought to the Malaysian market, the Jazz has had the field all to itself, and upon the Toyota entrant’s return, the Yaris has already managed to relegate the Honda to trailing it in sales for most of 2020.

You might be able to chalk up the Yaris’ newfound swagger from being the new kid of the block, but we reckon its charm runs deeper. Aside from its surface attributes, the car is bolstered by an impressive collection of features that contribute to the overall ownership experience.

The small touches add up to a car that delivers a little extra satisfaction when you notice these details. Those doors shut with a solidity typical for a Toyota, the drive is smooth, the ride is refined, the engine is pretty much bulletproof (not literally), and the Panoramic View Monitor delivers a convenience beyond its price point.

Quality of life; that’s perhaps where Toyota has sought the most wins with the Yaris, and they’re not all obvious by browsing the spec sheet or brochure. It’s more subtle, and that’s why this is one of those cars that will really start to ‘click’ upon taking a test drive, when all these improvements and optimisations have a chance to naturally reveal themselves.

With all this taken into account, the puzzle of why the Yaris is selling so well isn’t too difficult to solve; whether it’s to young families, first-time car buyers, or the ones that simply want their car to be fuss-free but also more expressive of their individual taste.

It’s also still a Toyota, after all, and that absolutely carries a considerable amount of sway over a buying decision, which makes the EZ Beli auto financing plan from Toyota Capital so compelling. With instalment plans as low as RM498, it makes the process of owning a new Yaris as easy as possible.

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