The upcoming Lamborghini Aventador's rear looks menacing as hell!


The upcoming Lamborghini Aventador's rear looks menacing as hell!

The new Lamborghini Aventador speculated to be unveiled in the next few months, has been spotted in the wild once again, but this time thanks to some minimal camo, we get to see a lot more than before.

Youtuber Varryx who hunted down the camouflaged Aventador spotted the car coming out of Lamborghini's HQ in Bolognese, Italy where he then pursued the car to provide us with the pleasure of seeing the rear of the car as we've never seen it before.

Lamborghini Aventador

The Youtuber starts off by pointing out that the car is not heavily camafolouged like in previous sightings, where we can now see the final bumper design which shows that the Aventador will come with some chunky and funky diffuser. 

2023 Aventador

He then moved on to the exhaust, citing that the hexagonal twin exhaust is something that we've already seen, but now we can confirm that the exhaust will feature four pipes in the hexagonal housing.

He then moved on to some 'important things' where he said that we can now clearly see the final design of the engine cover. The engine cover will apparently not be a see-through cover, and there are slatted vents on the sides. 

2023 Lamborghini Aventador

Moving on to the most outer side of the engine bay, just behind the C-Pillar, the Aventador has been designed to come with aerodynamic side spoilers, which the Youtuber said is there to channel air for aerodynamic purposes. He had never seen this bit of detail before and sounded quite excited. 

2023 Lamborghini Aventador

Last but not least, the feature that got the Youtuber most excited was the sighting of the third brake light, which according to him, is a world first. As you can see, the third brake light 'weirdly' follows the shape of the roof, stretching from side to side just above the engine cover vents. It is quite unique, and something we have not seen before in any supercar.

The new flagship supercar will debut sometime in the next couple of months. Since the outgoing Aventador production ended last year, we can expect Lamborghini to roll the new supercars off the assembly line swiftly.


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