Toyota to Sell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Next Year


Toyota to Sell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Next Year

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it will officially begin selling its Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses in 2017.

According to Toyota, over 100 FC buses will be introduced mainly in the Tokyo area, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Developed by Toyota together with Hino Motors, the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS)(1), which was developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV), has been adopted to provide better energy efficiency in comparison with internal combustion engines, as well as to deliver superior environmental performance with no CO2 emissions or substances of concern (SOCs) when driving.

The bus uses a high-capacity external power supply system, comprising a power supply capable of a 9 kW maximum output and a large capacity of electricity supply at 235 kWh.

An interesting thing about the FC bus is that it can be used as a power source in the event of disasters, such as at evacuation sites such as in school gymnasiums or, where its electricity supply can also be harnessed for home electric appliance use.

The Toyota Group, which said that it considers the use of hydrogen to be a powerful source of energy for the future, has released the Mirai FCV while engaging in the technological and product development of FC buses, fuel cell forklifts, as well as stationary fuel cells for use in homes. 

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