UMW Toyota Extends More Value Campaign: FOC Items While Stocks Last!


UMW Toyota Extends More Value Campaign: FOC Items While Stocks Last!

Remember the free features UMW Toyota Motor was offering customers for its Toyota Vios and Toyota Hilux? The local distributor of Toyota vehicles in Malaysia is now extended that campaign to include more models in the line-up.

Having included the Toyota Corolla Altis, Innova and Alphard, here’s a quick look at what you could be set to gain from the new free-of-charge additions.


2015 Toyota Vios:

Continuing on from before, buyers of the Vios 1.5G and 1.5 TRD are still eligible to gain a free upgrade of a DVD-AVN infotainment system with a reverse camera. Now, however, the DVD-AVN player has also been extended to the Toyota Vios 1.5E variant.

The 2-din head unit features a seven-inch touchscreen with GPS navigation and a reverse camera, along with internet browsing capabilities (requires active data service), voice recognition technology, various connectivity options (HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card) and more.

The base Vios 1.5J (manual or auto) gains a free DVD-AVX system upgrade instead, which still features an impressive but slightly smaller 6.1-inch touchscreen and reverse camera, along all the necessary connectivity options (USB, SD Card etc.).

The Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film which is known to reduce heat and glare as well as strengthen your vehicle’s glass has also been extended to the Toyota Vios 1.5E and 1.5J models.

2015 Toyota Hilux:

As before, the Toyota Hilux TRD Sportivo and G-Grade continue to offer a DVD-AVN infotainment system and reverse camera, along with several other exterior accessories such as a stainless steep sport bar, a hood protector, a red sport stripe and a carbon-fibre sticker on the B-pillar.

2015 Toyota Corolla Altis:

Limited to stock availability, all variants of the Toyota Corolla Altis (1.8 and 2.0-litre) get the premium DVD-AVN for free as well. And as above, the system features a 7.0-inch touchscreen head unit, with a reverse camera. But unlike the Toyota Vios’ DVD-AVN head unit, the Corolla Altis isn’t listed to feature GPS navigation.

2015 Toyota Innova:

One of Malaysia’s most-loved eight-seater MPVs is also on target to receive the DVD-AVN free upgrade across all variants. The seven-inch touchscreen here features GPS navigation, a reverse camera, internet browsing capabilities and the works, while stocks last.

Do remember, however, that the rear-entertainment system is limited just to the 2.0G top-spec variant. Also limited to the 2.0G is the Toyota Premium & Security Film.

2015 Toyota Alphard:

The ‘Majestic Flagship MPV’ as Toyota calls it, is set to gain from a free (while stocks last) TRD Aerokit specifically designed for the Alphard. The exterior kit includes LED daytime running lights, as well as door visors, all at no additional cost – these are available for all variants of the Alphard.

Also free while stocks last is a 10.2-inch ceiling-mounted full-colour monitor for rear passenger entertainment.

The Alphard faces strong competition from parallel importers in Malaysia, but strongly recommends that you only purchase official units of the car from UMW Toyota Motor, where the CBU-from-Japan MPV can benefit from the company’s three-year/ or 100,000km manufacturer warranty and full aftersales support and more that’s available nationwide.