UMW Toyota Motor Achieves Record Sales in 2023, Selling 108,107 Units - A 7% Increase


UMW Toyota Motor Achieves Record Sales in 2023, Selling 108,107 Units - A 7% Increase

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) disclosed delivering 10,402 vehicles in December 2023, comprising 10,079 Toyotas and 323 Lexus units with total sales for 2023 tallied to 108,107 units.

This marks a 7% increase from 2022 (at 101,035 units) while their after sales arm recorded 1,342,130 returning customers, signalling a further continued support from owners.

Expressing gratitude to their customers, UMWT renewed its commitment to 'Move Your World,' aiming to enhance mobility experiences and expand accessibility to Toyota cars.

The company emphasised its dedication to excellence and innovation in the automotive industry. Looking ahead to 2024, UMWT plans to support Malaysia's net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (2050) goal by introducing more electrified models.

Additionally, the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) 2023-2024 program gained momentum, with the UMWT president visiting a participating school, SMK Dato’ Mohd Said in Nilai.

This annual initiative involves secondary students and a teacher advisor addressing environmental concerns in their communities, with 15 schools participating in the current edition and receiving a RM3,000 grant to fuel their creative problem-solving initiatives.

Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMWT said: “We persist in our efforts to offer an enriched mobility experience through our Toyota cars and extend access to ownership for potential customers. Our commitment to achieving excellence and fostering innovation in the automotive industry remains unwavering, ensuring the best offerings for our drivers and stakeholders."

"We've always prioritised maintaining the highest standards and quality in our vehicles, coupled with reinforcing customer satisfaction. As we look forward to 2024, our focus will be on introducing more models, particularly with an emphasis on XEV technologies,” he added.


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