UMW Toyota Motor Sees Sharp Sales Rise In September 2021


UMW Toyota Motor Sees Sharp Sales Rise In September 2021

UMW Toyota Motor has reported a hugely successful September in terms of new car sales, representing a volume increase of 218.3 percent or 5,509 units over the previous month, August 2021, which saw 2,524 vehicles sold. In total, the Japanese automaker sold 7,931 Toyotas and 102 Lexus vehicles for a combined total of 8,033 for last month.

After an extended period of lockdown-imposed hibernation, the country’s automotive sector was only allowed to resume operations in the second half of August, greatly contributing to the strong September sales figures. Worth noting too is the 43% increase over the same month in 2020, which stood at 5,605 vehicles

Year-to-date figures are slumping, but justifiably so thanks to most of 2021 being spent at home for most Malaysians. Over this 9 month window, Toyota and Lexus have sold 43,594 units by the end of last month, which is significantly higher than the 25,978 units sold over the same period in 2020.

President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran. K said: “We are certainly pleased to see the market steadily moving towards normalcy as the past few months have been challenging for us. Our showrooms have been open and receiving many customers daily, and bookings for the latest models have been increasing. As a result, our total sales in September for Toyota and Lexus vehicles was a phenomenal 223% greater than the August volume.”

He also added that all showrooms are practicing all precautionary measures so that visitors can safely view and test drive their selection of vehicles. A company-wide program was undertaken to ensure the entire workforce is also fully vaccinated.

“I would like to assure our customers that they will be safe and protected when they visit our showrooms or service centres but at the same time, we remind them that they need to comply with the SOPs. This means having temperature scans and registering their visit using the MySejahtera app, as well as using hand sanitizers and facemasks at all times,” he said.

It seems UMW Toyota Motor is expecting sales to continue to rising as the country and the wider world recovers from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking to the future, both the automaker and their exclusive local distributors are preparing to launch locally assembled hybrid models with more to be revealed on Thursday, October 14th.

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