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7 Reasons Why Your Hearing Needs To Be 100% On The Road


7 Reasons Why Your Hearing Needs To Be 100% On The Road

Bad things can happen if you can’t hear the things around you. Things get especially dangerous if you’re unaware of the various audible stimuli coming at you while you’re driving. While your eyes determine much of your sensory perception in a car, you're limited by your field of vision and often you'll be required to rely on your hearing instead. 

Driving is all about spatial awareness and your eyes can only alert you to things that your head is pointed at, that leaves us with a huge blind spot (literally) no matter where we look – luckily there’s our ears to fill in the gaps. But imagine that not helping you either. Just think of what you’d be missing out on…

In fact, no need to strain yourself with thought. Like an art or cooking programme, here’s a list we made earlier:


The first thing you’d think of when it comes to noise on the road: the honk. People on the road don’t honk just to annoy you (not usually). The majority do it to alert others of impending trouble. Maybe you’re too close to their car, maybe your tire is running flat, maybe you’re about to reverse into someone, maybe they want someone to come open the gate for them – there are plenty of possible scenarious.


Unless your car is able to cancel out sound very effectively, you’d probably be able to hear pedestrians as they scurry around your car, particularly if the engine is quiet or off. This subtle aural indicator is very important for you to decide whether it’s safe to drive on or not. People’s lives are in danger.

Reverse Sensors

Following on from being able to hear the chatter and footsteps of pedestrians, another safety measure included in most cars these days are reversing sensors. Reason being, they help enormously with reversing into and out of spots. They let out a high pitched beep that gets progressively louder and more frequent depending on the distance of your car from the object. Since cars have varying degrees of rearward visibility, being able to detect animals, children, and small obstacles can get very tricky sometimes. And if you’re not able to hear the reversing sensor, parking can be a very harrowing experience.

Loud and Oncoming Vehicles

Generally, loud vehicles are also larger ones such as trucks and construction machinery. Their diesel engines give off a distinctive low rumble. And the larger they are, the more damage they could do to your car should you misjudge your movements around them. So be extra careful when you’re close proximity and use their loud noise to make sound judgements.

With oncoming vehicles there isn’t an exact science to detect exactly what is going to happen next. This is where some experience and the Doppler Effect (science!) come into play. If a car or motorcycle is speeding at you from behind, you would be able to hear that sound building as it gets closer. The last thing you would want to do is make an abrupt lane change into its path.

GPS Instructions

Our cars are equipped with astonishing technology and one of the most frequent uses we put them to while on the road is as our navigators. Whether its using the car's built-in navigation, an app on our smartphones, or an external GPS unit, they all offer turn-by-turn directions with spoken instructions. But if you can’t hear the instructions, the benefits disappear. Some phones have rather faint built-in speakers which makes sharp hearing even more valuable.


Ah yes, the old school GPS system - if you don’t know the way, find someone who does and bring them along. Passengers in your cars are also considered your guest and both parties feel obligated to engage in conversation during the drive. Either way, hearing becomes very important when passengers are involved.

Expensive Sound Systems

So you’ve bought your nice car, your dream car; the car that says “I’ve made it”. You’re proud of it, you want to enjoy it. We’ll hazard a guess that it came with a nice sound system too. Something from the likes of Bose, Bang & Olufsen, or Meridian. Some of these setups are really impressive, with up to 11 speakers or more for an immersive and high fidelity experience. But no matter how high end the system is, it won’t be able to reach you if your hearing isn’t where it should be.

Don’t Take The Risk Of Poor Hearing On The Road

Meet the ReSound LiNX – the world’s smartest hearing aid (or as we like to call it the Sports Car of Hearing Aids)

The Resound LiNX is the smartest most integrated hearing aid to come to the market to come from Hearing Experts Malaysia. It can easily connect to a wide range of Apple devices to add seamless integration for an even better user experience.

With its iSolate nanotech technology, build-up of moisture, dirt and dust particles will not affect the Resound LiNX’s audio quality and the sound isolation delivers precise hearing in situations where ambient noise is prevalent and distracting. This integration enables some stand-out feature such as listening to your music via the LiNX along with making and taking calls with it as well.

The app that needs to interface between the ReSound LiNX and your Apple device is available as a free download from the Apple App Store, offering seamless connectivity to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to not only listen to audio and video content, but doubling as a means to make and receive phone calls, all in amazing clarity.

The technology and innovation of the ReSound LiNX is brought to you by Hearing Experts of Germany, one of the largest and most reputable hearing aid providers. In Malaysia, their aim is to offer top quality consulting and personalized hearing solutions through access to the best products in the industry at the best prices; lowering the hurdles that obstruct people all over from enjoying their fullest hearing potential.

You can contact Hearing Experts Malaysia today for more information on how you can stay safe and your hearing at its peak by visiting their website or calling 03-20356771 between 8am-8pm (Monday – Friday) for a free consultation.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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There's just something about cars. It's a conveyance, it's a liability, it's a tool; but it can also be a source of joy, pride, inspiration and passion. It's much like clothes versus fashion. And like the latter, the pursuit of perfection never ends.

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