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Chery takes covers off the Omoda 7 in Wuhu, all-new C-segment hybrid SUV for 2025

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Chery takes covers off the Omoda 7 in Wuhu, all-new C-segment hybrid SUV for 2025

The Omoda 7 (or Chery Omoda 7 as it might be known locally) has just been revealed on its home turf of Wuhu, China, serving as the larger sibling to the Omoda 5 and positioned as a sporty urban-centric SUV with broad appeal to younger car buyers. 

Not much is known about its powertrain aside from the fact that it's one of the latest hybrid configurations from the Chery group. An electric motor is paired to a petrol engine here, and claims to offer impressive real world fuel economy to only necessitate a refuel every 1,200km thanks a to a best-in-class thermal efficiency of 44.5%.

While there are plans for a pure internal combustion engine version, there won't be an electric version of the Omoda 7, unlike its smaller sibling, the Omoda 5.

Though not explicitly stated, we suspect to find a 1.5-litre (H4J15) turbocharged mill under that bonnet, one that should output about 156PS and 220Nm on its own. For now, this sole flavour of a hybrid powertrain features a lithium battery onboard that can account for up to 95km of pure electric range, perfect for city-bound zero emissions commuting.

Sporting a distinctive aesthetic, it features a shark-nosed front with a borderless parametric grille that definitely rings a few bells for a Lexus, along with its other sharp angles throughout. Notably, the front corners showcase a hexagonal pattern that can illuminate.

Measuring 4,621mm long, 1,872mm wide, and 1,673mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,700mm, the Omoda 7 easily surpasses the Omoda 5’s dimensions and get’s shockingly close to C-segment rivals like the Honda CR-V in size.

The Omoda 7 boasts large 20-inch dual-tone alloy wheels and wheel arch cladding that’s also given a pattern treatment. Despite the prevailing trend of self-presenting pop-out door handles, especially popular with products within the Chery group, this SUV opts for traditional pull-style handles.

Over to the rear, the back end exudes a coupe-like vibe akin to the Range Rover Velar’s falling roofline, a link that we’re sure sister brand Jaecoo is more ready to emphasise. The taillights sport an “electric energy design”, forming a series of connecting arrows (or zig-zag lines, depending on how you look at it) resembling a lightning bolt.

Inside, it incorporates gaming-inspired elements, such as a steering wheel inspired by the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller and front seats modelled after gaming chairs, all in a bid to capture favour with the young crowd. There’s also a panoramic sunroof, nubuck leather upholstery and trim and an overall feel of being more upscale, overall.

The centrepiece is a 15.6-inch touchscreen that can slide from its normal centred position on the dashboard over to the passenger side to provide a better viewing experience and to lessen driver distraction. Additional features include integrated air freshener pods, a premium Sony audio system with 12+2 speakers, and an engine noise-canceling system for a quieter cabin.

With a full production-ready launch earmarked for early 2025, there’s surely lots more details about the Omoda 7 that the brand is keeping close to their chest for now.

Still, it does look like there’s quite a bit to look forward to as the brand expands. As the Omoda 7 is clearly aimed at global markets, namely Europe, Malaysia (along with other ASEAN) countries shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to pop up in showrooms.


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Jim Kem

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