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All Koenigsegg Jeskos Are Accounted For, Better Luck Next Time

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All Koenigsegg Jeskos Are Accounted For, Better Luck Next Time

Had a couple of million ringgit to burn and were contemplating putting money down on the Koenigsegg's latest and greatest? Well it's too late now, because the Swedish hypercar maker has announced that all of the Jeskos have been booked, meaning you'll have to wait until their next-big-thing before you can put that absurdly large amount of money down on a singular asset.

There will only ever be 125 units of the 1600 hp Jesko as we saw it during this year's Geneva Motor Show. 83 of those units were booked out even before the car was unveiled to the world, and you can expect it didn't take much longer for the remaining 42 units to find homes. All the deposits have been received, so don't expect a seat to suddenly open up - unless you manage to convince someone to sell you their spot.

With production starting next year and only one car being produced a week, it will take over two years for Koenigsegg to fulfil their order list. We're pretty sure they will have something else to show before those two years are up, and it will likely be bigger, badder, and faster than the Jesko.

Well, perhaps not all is lost. Some of the units in question were purchased by Koenigsegg dealers in anticipation of customers who couldn't quite liquidate their assest quickly enough to put the deposit money down. If the Jesko is truly a car after your own heart, and you seek the ultimate in performance, then it's best to travel the world in search of any units that are sitting pretty in a showroom.

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