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All New 2016 Volvo V90 Leaked!

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All New 2016 Volvo V90 Leaked!

Set to debut in 2016 to join Volvo's hard hitting brand new XC90, is the S90 and V90 pair that will go head on with the executive segment juggernauts from the German trios. 

To go against the German trio of A6, the 5-Series and the E-Class is no child's play, and unlike the 'also-ran' S80, the new S90 and V90 pair seems to hold plenty of promises when they first manifested themselves in the form of the Volvo Concept Coupe and the Volvo Concept Estate.

Penned by Thomas Ingenlath - who bestowed Volvo with the new 'Thor's hammer' look, the new V90 and S90 signify Volvo's new ambition to regain market share and to find a solid identify that is uniquely Volvo, uniquely Scandinavian while stamping a mark and gaining a foothold in crucial, profitable markets like US and Europe as well as China. 

Resembling pretty much like a lowered XC90, the V90 which shares its platform with Gothenburg's flagship SUV and will likely follow the same powertrain options as the XC90 - with the option of a T5 or T8 series engines . With 400hp worth of plug-in hybrid goodness, and with an EV mode as well as RM380 annual road tax? I'm trading in my S4 Avant. 

Check out the grown man's toy below:

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