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BMW Is Bringing Back Their Film Series, Clive Owen Returns as Well

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BMW Is Bringing Back Their Film Series, Clive Owen Returns as Well

Over the last few years, BMW Malaysia has supported various local filmmakers in the development of their creative ability with the Shorties program, but older BMW fans may remember another film series that quite nearly defined BMW. Fifteen years ago, BMW launched a series of short films called 'The Hire', starring Clive Owen as a quiet, mysterious driver for hire. The great thing about this was the variety of directors involved, and each film had a very diffferent theme and feel to it, with the only common threads being Owen, BMWs, and whole lot of action. 

Fans of the original series can rejoice, as BMW Films returns again next month with The Escape. Once again, Owen reprises his role as the driver, starring alongside big screen names such as Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds), John Bernthal (The Walking Dead), and Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring). Neill Blomkamp will be directing, and given his expertise with intense action in his past projects (District 9, Elysium, Chappie), we can expect some truly fantastic scenes. It's not yet revealed what Owen will be driving in this movie, although it's clearly one of BMW's sports sedans. Perhaps we will see more interesting applications if the series continues, given BMW's much broader product portfolio nowadays.

In the mean time, let's take another look at one of the more intense films from the original series; this one is called The Ticker and it follows Owen as he pilots a Z4 along some twisty canyon roads while being pursued by some unhappy fellows in a helicopter. 


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