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Car fuel economy myths - don't believe them!

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Car fuel economy myths - don't believe them!

At some point in your life, someone might have 'advised' you on some 'mythical' ways of improving the fuel economy of your beloved cars.

These so-called ‘tips' to save fuel as well as your hard-earned money go far and wide and while some of them have been proven to work, there are also some that have been debunked by experts but you'll still see people doing them (and going viral on social media) nonetheless.

Here are some fuel economy myths that have been proven to NOT work so you can avoid them and save your time and effort.

Internal combustion

Myth 1: Warm up your car first, don't simply start & drive off! - BUSTED

All modern-day cars are fuel-injected and the ECU (electronic control unit) is smart enough to control the optimal fuel and air mixture the engine needs from the moment the car is turned on. It'll also alter that ratio as the car gets warmer, so there's really no need to let the car idle to its optimum temperature before driving off.

It's better for you and your car to just start driving at a decent pace from the moment the car's engine is turned on. Once the car is at operating temperature (when that blue temperature indicator turns off or when the temperature gauge reaches the normal level), then you can give it all the beans. Just don't go 'pedal to the metal' from the start. Keep calm, start driving, and your car will thank you for it.

Singaporeans shaking car family

Myth 2: Shake your car while refuelling, get rid of ALL the air! - BUSTED

Ah yes, the shaking and rolling of the car while refuelling at the petrol pump. The reasoning for this weird behaviour started out as a simple thought of 'shaking' out all the air bubbles in the fuel tank.

Every single vehicle manufacturer has designed their fuel tanks to accommodate the right levels of both fuel and air. Throwing that balance off by filling it up with fuel all the way up to the fuel cap will affect the performance of the breather valves and drain holes which are used to avoid your fuel from getting contaminated.

Wasting Fuel - Zoolander

Myth 3: Fuel pump already 'clicked'? Continue filling! - BUSTED

To continue with the first point of overfilling your fuel tank, doing that will cause more harm to the vehicle's Evaporative Emission System (EVAP) where its main function is to store and dispose of fuel vapours. The key word here is 'vapours', so if there's any liquid that goes into the system from the action of overfilling, get ready for an expensive repair bill.

Filling it up to the brim when the petrol pump 'clicks' to indicate that the fuel tank is already full is fine. That should be a sign for you to stop. Trust the fuel pump and never try to fill it up by getting rid of all the air pockets in the tank. Just don't do it.

Shell V-Power Racing

Myth 4: More expensive fuel = better fuel economy! - BUSTED

You might have heard from a lot of folks that say they use RON 95 fuel for normal driving in their normal cars, but switch over to RON 97 for longer road trips. Some practise this on a daily basis despite not driving high-performance or luxury cars.

If your new and modern car is stock or 'standard' with no aftermarket modifications like turbo kits or high-compression pistons that can 'tekan-tekan preggy', the minimum fuel octane rating recommended by the manufacturer is safe to use for any normal day-to-day driving scenarios in both short and long distance journeys. Filling up with RON 97 or higher won't make your car run smoother or burn less fuel. What you’ll burn is a bigger hole in your wallet.

It's a different case if you're running older cars that don't have knock sensors or perfectly-running ECUs but for most modern-day cars that are not considered as 'high-performance' or 'tuned', stick to the minimum RON number supported by your car and you'll be just fine.

Night Time Petrol Station

Myth 5: Fill up at night, get more fuel! - BUSTED

We're all guilty of doing this at least once – refuelling at night because it's colder so that the fuel won't turn into vapour. This has been debunked so many times, but we're going to explain it one more time for you guys and gals.

All the fuels are stored underground where the ambient temperatures above ground would have virtually zero effect on the state of the fuels. Conditions are kept constant when you refuel your cars even at the hottest point of the day. If you fill up 10 litres of fuel, you will get 10 litres from the pump no matter the time of day.

Carsome PJ Automall

Buy Fuel-Efficient Cars with CARSOME (Not a Myth!)

If you're really worried about fuel economy, the best way to start tackling this is by getting yourself a fuel-efficient car from the get-go. There are many options out there from EEVs

(Energy Efficient Vehicles) like the Perodua Axia to mild-hybrids and even PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) both new and used, depending on your budget.

You can find some really good used options available at CARSOME in all shapes and sizes. For even greater peace of mind, look for those that are labeled with the CARSOME Certified banner. Each CARSOME Certified car has passed a strict 175-point inspection and is professionally refurbished. Furthermore, each car comes with a fixed price and no hidden fees, a five-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year warranty.

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