Damansara Utama Residents Concerned Over Negative Impact Of LRT3 Project

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Damansara Utama Residents Concerned Over Negative Impact Of LRT3 Project

Residents of Damansara Utama (DU) are wary of the upcoming LRT3 project, that it may affect their daily lives and neighbourhood negatively. Their concerns were voiced in a dialogue session between residents and representatives from Prasarana Berhad. 

According to The Sun Daily, President of the Damansara Utama Residents and Owners Association, Rajes Patel, said they were not consulted beforehand regarding the planned realignment to link Bandar Utama to Klang.

“Indeed, the ones to be most affected would be on Jalan SS21/42A, 21/38, 21/36, and 21/13 since the construction is only a few metres away from their homes,” said Rajes. Traffic congestion is also a point of contention with residents, who are anxious of both construction-related jams as well as that of the increased vehicle density in the area after its completion.

Security, sufficient parking spaces as well as noise and air pollution are also considerations. Uppermost, however, is the possibility of some homes facing compulsory acquisition.

“This is for houses along Jalan SS 21/42A which may be deemed to be close to the proposed One Utama Station,” said Rajes to the daily, who is coaxing Prasarana to review the project in more detail, taking into consideration the concerns and input of the residents.

“We are not opposed to the LRT3 project in itself, but many residents here will find their lives more difficult if there are no changes to the plans,” he added.

Project director Norlia Noah said: “Nothing has been decided yet. The period between May and August is Prasarana’s public inspection period where public feedback will enable us to adjust the plans accordingly.”

She stated that the plans are currently still in the proposal stages. 

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