First Look: New Batmobile


First Look: New Batmobile

Another month, another teaser for the new Robert Pattinson Batman.

This time around however it's about the all-important Batmobile and to be honest, the car looks like it was built by Batman's old butler Alfred Pennyworth rather than Nolan's super smooth Lucius Fox.

If it was down to Lucious, the Batmobile would surely have been some bonkers military-grade vehicle, but this looks more like an old school muscle car creation built in one of the custom shops in Texas.

On the net, some have said the front looks like a Plymouth Barracuda and the rear looks like a trophy truck. Whatever your interpretation of this vehicle might be, it definitely looks more like an old school muscle car rather than anything futuristic more relevant to Batman. 

The engine that has been strapped on the rear looks like a turbocharged V10 power plant so we hope that at least give us a little bit of an aural experience when the movie debuts.

Apart from the trailer showing Batmans's new costume, the other teaser has been about the cafe racer styled Batbike, perhaps indicating Matt Reeves' (Director) interest in retro-looking machines.

We're not entirely convinced of what we've seen so far of Batman's vehicles but here's hoping we're pleasantly surprised and not expectedly disappointed. 

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