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For The Love Of Classic VWs - Road & Track's Jason Cammisa and His Scirocco


For The Love Of Classic VWs - Road & Track's Jason Cammisa and His Scirocco

The guys are Petrolicious, whose Youtube channel hosts some of the best video content for classic car enthusiasts, have recently produced a very beautiful video featuring Road & Track magazine's senior editor Jason Cammisa and his second generation Volkswagen Scirocco.

This particular Scirocco model was never officially sold in Malaysia so it might be unfamiliar to some. Despite its age (first introduced in 1981), this Scirocco still looks elegantly stylish, a testament of Volkswagen's timeless designs.

As a senior staff at one of the largest automotive media in the US, Jason is privileged enough to experience some of the most interesting cars on the market - from Bugatti Veyrons to Porsche 918 Hybrids - but after experiencing all these exotics, Jason still finds himself still wanting to go back to his Volkswagen every single time.

His concerns about the challenges in keeping a car this old on the road will surely resonate with many of us enthusiasts - "The curse of owning this car is that on paper, it's worthless. You look in the book and it's worth $2,000, or $10,000, whatever it is. In reality, it's the most important thing in my life. How do you make those things work?"

Watch the video below:


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