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Ford Ranger 2019- ASEAN Versus USA Designs

Berita Kereta

Ford Ranger 2019- ASEAN Versus USA Designs

When Ford announced the return of the Ford Ranger to the USA early in January this year, we were excited that the design was different to the then-ASEAN Ranger design.

This led to the belief that the new design will make its way to the on the facelift cycle of 2018/2019, into one global Ford Ranger look.

Nope. Not at all. Comparing the just-launched Ford Ranger facelift in Thailand and the upcoming Ford Ranger USA that is scheduled for deliveries in early 2019, the differences, although minor, are quite different.

While the USA does not have the Ranger Wildtrak variant, many of the design elements of the USA-market Ford Ranger Lariat are featured on the facelifted ASEAN Ranger Wildtrak.

The front design

Both ASEAN and USA design share the same grille design. However, the front bumper of the USA design is split into two, make the grille in a one-piece structure, while the ASEAN Wildtrak is part of the bumper moulding.

The lower half of the USA design is also more significantly styled, with more ‘chunky’ sections and intake holes. This lower half portion is also in black, unlike the ASEAN design, which looks more like a one-piece design with more body colour and the fog lamps surround only in black.    

The bonnet on the USA design also looks different, with two length-wise humps creating a higher-look at the leading edge of the bonnet.

The side design

There are tasteful grey painted wheelarch trimmings in the USA design. The North American Ranger also has less gloss black treatment, as the four door handles and side mirrors are in body colour as opposed to the ASEAN design.

Yes, the USA design has cool-looking tube LED lighting for their side marker lamps, a regulation that is only found in the USA. The 18-inch wheels in both markets look similar in both the design and the dual-tone colour treatment.

The USA design is missing the sports bar on the deck, side steps, and a pair of roof rails, which could be offered as accessories at the dealership later.

The rear design

The rear design of the USA Ranger takes cues from the larger F-150 sibling. The deck lid has stamped ‘RANGER’ model name, similar to the F-150.  The tail lamps meanwhile feature a squarer design with more ‘red tint’, something that the F-150 also features.

How about the interior?

No major differences here. The air conditioning vents are the same. Steering wheel for both markets is also similar.

The Ford Sync infotainment also looks the same in design.

With pickup trucks having a long model life, we could well see elements of the Ranger USA being introduced here in ASEAN as part of a new variant (FX4?) or value-adding differentiators with the introduction of new powertrains.   

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