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Google Updates Android Auto With Dark Theme

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Google Updates Android Auto With Dark Theme

Google has revealed the redesigned Android Auto during the 2019 Google I/O, now with a new dark theme and improved usability.

First introduced five years ago, this update is perhaps the biggest overhaul done to Google’s in-car platform, as Google has redesigned Android Auto from the ground-up.

For starters, Google has said that starting Android Auto will be more seamless. At the moment, drivers still need to manually resume their songs once Android Auto starts, but the updated version will continue playing songs the moment the car is started. Drivers can just tap on a suggested location or use the “Hey Google” command to navigate to a new place.

Then there’s the revamped launcher that houses all your compatible apps, making it much easier to launch your favourite app. In the outgoing version of Android Auto, drivers had to select the app they wanted via the navigation bar, depending on the app category (navigation, music, and calls)

Then there’s the revamped navigation bar, which can display turn-by-turn navigation or take incoming calls within the same screen. Google has also improved the notification system on the new version of Android Auto, making it easier to answer a call or reply a message.

Last but certainly not the least is the new dark theme with colourful accents and new fonts that bestows the new version of Android Auto with improved readability.

Google has not revealed when the updated version of Android Auto will go live, but did say that it will happen ‘later this summer’.

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