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Hyundai Opens Genesis Studio in Hanam, South Korea

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Hyundai Opens Genesis Studio in Hanam, South Korea

The Genesis sub-brand was launched by Hyundai late last year as a way for them to step up into the premium market without having to dilute or stretch their own brand image. It was born out of the need for a premium marque, and the Genesis name allows for Hyundai engineers to develop their products without restriction and to distance themselves from their more mass-market products. 

Their first ever brand space will be launched later this week in South Korea, in the 'Starfield' cultural complex just 30 kilometres east of Seoul. It's an area in which the brand can express itself and put on display its directions and principles, as well as to draw visitors to experience and understand the Genesis brand. It is said to be the first of many more to come, as Genesis is no doubt testing the water with this first attempt. 

Visitors will be able to experience the materials and technologies on display, as well as see the G90, G80, and G80 Sport models on display. The G80 Sport itself was only launched earlier this year and is yet to be on sale. Test drives and bookings will be available at the space, along with consultation from Genesis experts if customers so require it. It's an interesting take on the showroom concept, perhaps blending showroom and exhibition, but it certainly looks like it will work in favour of this new Korean luxury brand. 

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