If only we knew the R36 Nissan GT-R would look this good

Berita Kereta

If only we knew the R36 Nissan GT-R would look this good

Nissan has been very silent on the matter of their next GT-R, even occasionally questioning its viability given the company’s highly electrified roadmap. Some have said the car will inevitably be a hybrid, which is mostly fine if it looks like this.

These renderings are probably quite a way off from what the Japanese automaker will end up unveiling (hopefully) given how radical the next-generation car might be, but it’s a nice dream to cling to as these renditions by digital artist Hycade are a nice balance between the futuristic and the current design we’ve grown so fond of.

The R35 Nissan GT-R was first introduced way back in 2007, which in some countries makes it old enough to get a driver’s license (in 2023). To say that the anticipation for its replacement (R36?) is strong is an understatement.

Its overall shape, as depicted here, is almost a complete match for its supposed predecessor, though the front end snout is much less prominent with a far smaller V-Motion grille element flanked by very familiar swept back headlight cluster design with thin led illuminator daytime running lights.

Understated, yes, but simultaneously more menacing. From the side, the car very much resembles the R35 down to sloping fastback roofline and its blacked-out A-pillar for a wraparound glasshouse effect.

The rear-end is perhaps our favourite, merging the squared-off stance and some softer design elements from the GT-R50 Concept by Italdesign back from 2018. Its rear wing is large but tasteful and unmissable quad circular tail lights with a matching set of twin exhaust exits at either side round out a show-stopping backside.

Rife speculation has been ongoing since 2014 about the next GT-R, and this more iterative take on the R35 seems like a nice, albeit conservative, step forward from the car it’s meant to succeed. Much of the rumours now surround its powertrain and whether or not Nissan will use an engine format similar to the now legendary VR38DETT 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6.

Some even speculate that Nissan are working on a return to an inline-6 design, displacing 3.0-litres, and supplemented by an advanced multi-motor hybrid system. Nothing so much has been hinted on what the company actually has in the oven, so we’ll still have to play the waiting game.

Until then, these renders (and so many others) will have to fuel our daydreams.

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