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Infiniti Releases Q60 Promo Video With Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harington

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Infiniti Releases Q60 Promo Video With Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harington

Infiniti has launched a short film to promote the Q60 with one of the world’s most talked about actors at the moment - Kit Harington. 

Harington recently rose to fame playing the role of Jon Snow in the award-winning HBO television series Game of Thrones.

The one-minute film titled ‘Tyger’ opens with Harington striding towards the Q60. He settles in the car and dramatically begins reciting William Blake’s primal poem, The Tyger. 

Harington then takes the Q60 for a winding drive while reciting the poem. The film ends with an effortless stop from the Q60 and a knowing glance by the actor. 

“What inspires me personally in my life, is a beautiful piece of writing. Something which is specific, delicate and beautiful,” says Kit Harington. Blake’s The Tyger is an inspiring reflection of such writing and also captures the high performance empowerment of the Q60 – they are both an exploration of aesthetic beauty, primal ferocity, ambition and seduction.

Harington’s Tyger film is one of three new films being released to promote the Q60. According to Infiniti, two more web films with audio engineer and music technologist Young Guru, as well as sneaker designer Sophia Chang will be released in following weeks. 

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