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Isuzu unveils fully electric D-Max EV Concept, coming to 2024 Bangkok Motor Show

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Isuzu unveils fully electric D-Max EV Concept, coming to 2024 Bangkok Motor Show

Isuzu has recently unveiled a new concept, a D-Max EV, signalling the company's venture into the realm of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Details remain scarce, but this all-electric pick-up truck is scheduled to make its public debut at the upcoming Bangkok International Motor Show later this month.

Characterised as being "developed to meet a broad range of commercial and passenger vehicle needs while retaining the tough underlying performance expected of pick-up trucks," the D-Max BEV marks new ground for the Japanese brand. Ironically, Toyota is the only seems to be on a similar track with their HiLux REVO BEV from 2022.

Isuzu, for its part, is calling this fully electric D-Max a concept in name only as it’s reported that the production iteration of the BEV pickup is slated for launch in select European markets, with Norway being the initial target in 2025.

Subsequent rollout plans encompass markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and of course Thailand, contingent upon both market demand and the advancement of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

In terms of design, the D-Max BEV distinguishes itself from its diesel-powered counterpart through a series of unique styling cues. Its front grille features a predominantly closed-off design, complemented by enhanced black sections on the front apron. Notably, blue accents adorn the grille insert and headlamps, adding a touch of flair to the vehicle's aesthetic.

Underpinning the D-Max BEV's performance is the integration of components borrowed from the Elf EV, including the battery pack and management system incorporated into the midsection of the ladder-frame chassis. With a 66.9 kWh battery capacity boasting dual electric motors situated on each axle, the D-Max EV concept delivers a combined system output of 177 PS and 325 Nm. That said, the real question remains about its claimed range on a single charge.

Moreover, the D-Max BEV boasts full-time four-wheel drive functionality and achieves a top speed exceeding 130 km/h. Its towing capacity extends to 3.5 tonnes, while the vehicle remains capable of carrying a maximum payload of 1,000 kg. Isuzu's emphasis on both power and practicality underscores the D-Max BEV's suitability for a diverse range of applications.

Again, we’re expecting to hear much more about this fully electric Isuzu D-Max as it’s shown off to the public at the Bangkok International Motor Show happening at the end of March.


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