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KLIMS 2018: Perodua Previews Hybrid Technology

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KLIMS 2018: Perodua Previews Hybrid Technology

Here’s a rather surprising display from Perodua at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show – a hybrid solution that is based on Daihatsu’s technology.

From the static display at the show, it is obvious that the Perodua hybrid solution is a full hybrid solution adapted from Daihatsu, featuring a battery pack located under the rear seats and an electric motor that sends power the front wheels (depending on the drive mode). 

According to the infographics provided by Perodua, the battery pack supplies electric power when the driver starts the car, thus improving efficiency.

When the driver accelerates, the engine is also capable of charging the battery in the process. In addition to that, this hybrid system also features regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy during braking into electric power.

Perodua also mentioned that the new hybrid technology is compatible with the existing Perodua Advanced Safety Assist features, which is currently only found in the Myvi. The upcoming D38L SUV could be the next candidate to feature Perodua’s ASA features.

In addition to that, the hybrid platform also features “New Connected Technology”, which Perodua says is able to alert the driver and service centre when a scheduled maintenance is due.

Galeri: KLIMS 2018: Perodua Previews Hybrid Technology

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