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Luxury Cars Used To Entice Immigration Officers To Help Syndicate

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Luxury Cars Used To Entice Immigration Officers To Help Syndicate

Luxury cars used to entice Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia officers to be part of syndicate.

Malaysia's Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) has just confiscated 21 various luxury vehicles from certain Immigration officers (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia or JIM) who is believed to be involved in a syndicate called "stamping facility" where they abused their power to allow illegal foreign workers into the country.

Nissan Skyline R35

These luxurious cars were part of gifts from the middle man to the immigration officers who helped them traffic these foreign workers into the country. Big sums of money were also found at the houses of these JIM officers as well as high powered motorbikes.

Some of the cars that were confiscated include the Nissan Skyline R35, Subaru, Toyota Alphard, Hyundai Starex, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Lancer, and all sorts of other high valued imported cars.

2020 Toyota Alphard

According to Harian Metro, the cars and money were used as a way to entice these JIM officers. "Siasatan mendapati ejen atau orang tengah ini menggunakan wang dan kenderaan mewah untuk 'membeli' hati kakitangan terbabit bagi memudahkan urusan keluar masuk pekerja warga asing bermasalah dari negara ini sejak 2017."

The report by Harian Metro also mentioned that 46 people linked to the syndicate were detained last Monday, but there are more of them out there who are still being investigated and hunted.

MACC's investigation also led to the conclusion that these officers lead a lavish life, including constant travelling in and out of the country to expensive holiday destinations.

*All images credit to Harian Metro

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