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Malaysia To Have Own Driving Cycle For Vehicle Fuel Consumption

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Malaysia To Have Own Driving Cycle For Vehicle Fuel Consumption

Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) has just announced that they will lead a study on the undertaking of the Malaysia Driving Cycle (MDC), a fuel consumption test cycle that takes the Malaysian environment into account.

MAI said that the MDC will be developed to a standardized test method consistent with the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Cycle Procedure (WLTP) and thus a new standard for Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV). Data specific to Malaysian roads, terrains, and environmental conditions are some of the unique parameters to the MDC.

MAI has also recently established collaboration with Clean Air Asia to develop and establish a fuel economy baseline based on actual data gathering and trends analysis specific to Malaysia.

While not mentioned, the recently officiated National Emissions Test Centre (NETC) that is located in Rawang, Selangor could be a site for local manufacturers to perform the new MDC verification once it is finalized.

In the current National Automotive Policy (NAP) that will be updated early next year, MAI listed that vehicles must meet a certain fuel consumption rating (under the older UN R101 test cycle) and comply with JPJ’s (Road Transport Department) Vehicle Type Approval to achieve EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle) certification.  

At the 'Global Fuel Economy Initiatives’ conference that was held in Kuching where MAI announced this news, the Institute also updated participants on its ongoing activities with global agencies for carbon reduction. 

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