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Mazda Expands Powertrain Plant In Thailand For Engine Machining

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Mazda Expands Powertrain Plant In Thailand For Engine Machining

Up in the Chonburi Province in Thailand sits a Mazda plant that produces powertrains for the fast-growing Japanese brand. It's been around for roughly 3 years now, providing powertrains for Mazda's models and supplying them to various other assembly plants in the region in addition to within Thailand. Just last week, a new factory opened up within the plant.

This particular factory is for engine machining, and is on top of a 22.1 billion Yen (RM 789 million) investment to help push production output of this plant. Currently the plant produces 30,000 powertrain units annually, but Mazda seeks to push this figure up to 100,000 units. 

Part of this increase will also be attributed to the added production of the new SKYACTIV-G 2.0-litre petrol engines, which will be supplied to other countries for their local Mazda assembly. There's no doubt that the increased output will increase the demand for workers and Mazda will likely expand their workforce with people from the region. 

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