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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Welcomes 30 New Apprentices

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Welcomes 30 New Apprentices

In the last few years, vocational training has really started to pick up lately - especially high level, highly specialized training that is conducted and funded by auto manufacturers. This is actually not altogether uncommon in many parts of Europe (a college degree is pretty much on par with good vocational training), and seeing concepts and standards being imported here is great. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has been invested in growing local talent for 35 years now.

This year, they welcome the 14th batch of their Automotive Mechatronic Training programme, a cohort which consisted of 30 apprentices. 850 such trainees have gone through various different programs offered by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia as part of a three year program, and these trainees go on to work at various dealerships and service centres or production centres around the country.

“Our state-of-the-art, purpose built Training Academy aims to continuously nurture talent and provide Malaysian youths with a pathway to advance their career through job placement opportunities. Today, we contribute towards the nation’s demand for highly skilled talent in the automotive industry with the graduation of another 30 apprentices. This marks a significant milestone in our quest to build a solid foundation of the network and deliver the Best Customer Experience throughout the Mercedes-Benz extensive dealers in Malaysia,” said MBM’s President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner.

The training academy in question isn't easy to even get into. Potential candidates first need to sit through an enrolment assessment examination by Daimler AG - yes, the actual head company - and a recruitment panel will select the candidates which actually make it into the programme. Throughout the three year training period, candidates will go through 48 different courses, with a 70-30 mix of practical training and theory, including real work experience.

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