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Mercedes-Benz Unveils E Class Coupe And Cabriolet Updates

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Mercedes-Benz Unveils E Class Coupe And Cabriolet Updates

In a market that’s growing increasingly diverse, it’s important to remember that Mercedes-Benz were one of the first to really push the limits of how many models they could run in their stable. The E Class Cabriolet and Coupe were always a little unchallenged in their size and execution, and that has carried on even until today. 2020 brings updates for the pair of two-doors, and we’ll run through them as quickly as we can.

New Face

With product updates usually come changes to the overall look of the car in order to make them fit in well with the most current styling and design choices. Both the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet get sportier, more aggressive front ends. All models now get all-LED headlamps, with optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. The new look varies between mild aggression with the regular models, and serious aggression with the E53 AMG variants of the Coupe and Cabriolet.


Gotta love that MBUX system that has slowly been showing up in every Mercedes-Benz model as they go through their respective updates at different times since the launch of the A-Class back in 2018. This amazing infotainment system helps to really make use of the wide dual screen setup that the E-Class models were already known for, and combines intuitive operation with great functionality.

Interior Improvement

To match the styling changes on the outside, minor moves have been made on the inside to add a touch more modernity – not that the E-Class models really needed it. A new steering wheel design makes an appearance here, as well as new trim materials like pore grey ash wood and brushed aluminium. There’s even a system that sets the ideal seating position for the driver once they enter their height in the media display or the Mercedes me app.

Phone Connectivity

Following on from the note of the Mercedes me app, there has been a big increase in the amount of functionality with these E-Class models. Granted, you would have to select the URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection package on your options list, but the system will even notify you if the vehicle sensors register a bump or towing force, and even if someone is trying to break in.

Electrified Powertrains

Emissions and efficiency are the key here, and Mercedes-Benz’ strategy for mild electrification through integrated starter generators. These devices have been repositioned from hanging off the engine to sitting inside the transmission, and with EQ Boost functionality they add up to 20 hp and 180 Nm of torque to the drivetrain when the driver demands it. Even for the diesel models that don’t benefit from the performance boost, there has been work to integrate a 48-volt on-board system for better efficiency and functionality.

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