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New Perodua hybrid model coming in 2024 & it's not the Ativa


New Perodua hybrid model coming in 2024 & it's not the Ativa

We recently reported that the Perodua Ativa hybrid subscription program might potentially get expanded to even traditional sales. But Perodua has something different in mind come 2024.

Dato Sri Zainal, Perodua President and CEO, recently stated that the second national automaker has allocated over RM537 million to develop a new model together with RM247 million to 'further modernise our operations'.

2024 Perodua Bezza hybrid model incoming?

2024 perodua bezza hybrid model

Dato' Sri Zainal also stated that this new hybrid model from Perodua will be a 'full model change' model or a new-generation model. While 2023 is reserved for the new Perodua Axia, 2024 will most likely see the arrival of the next-generation Bezza, as predicted by many experts in the industry.

As for other forms of NEVs like plug-in hybrids and EVs, Perodua is indeed eyeing this particular segment but at the same time, they are also looking into assisting and supporting its many vendors to move forward together towards the future of automotive.

"We are Perodua and we want to develop the local industry"

perodua hybrid electric vehicle malaysia

It's a challenge for Perodua to overcome considering the fact that they mainly compete in the more affordable segment. Perodua and its current vendors are getting prepared for the upcoming NEV rush that might affect a number of local vendors, which is why Perodua is slowly but surely pushing these vendors into the EV space.

What started out with the Perodua Ativa hybrid has led to the introduction of several tech upgrades to these local vendors, particularly when it comes to battery, electric motors, and high-voltage cabling. This will indeed expand even further in the coming months to develop the brand's next hybrid model set for launch in 2024.

Malaysian BEV rapid growth to start around 2030

2024 perodua bezza hybrid model

That will then move on towards 2030 where they are expecting a sharp rise in BEVs as well as a drop for both ICEs and hybrid vehicles in terms of production volume. When you really think about it, seven years is not too far from now.

At the end of the day, there's no denying the fact that Perodua is headed toward full electrification. It's been a very positive experience so far with the current Ativa hybrid subscription program where they've received no complaints and moving forward with the prospect of manufacturing and selling their own NEVs, they'll make sure that the automaker will prosper alongside its local vendors.

Good guy Perodua doing good guy things.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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