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Pay & Go for parking straight from your Proton’s head unit, more X models to have it soon

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Pay & Go for parking straight from your Proton’s head unit, more X models to have it soon

The ATLAS infotainment head unit (IHU) software in selected Proton models now have a very useful feature integrated to it, namely the Pay & Go payment solution that allows users to perform parking payments straight from the IHU itself.

This effort to enhance user convenience is materialised via a partnership between ACO Tech, a company jointly owned by Proton; and Pay & Go, Sarawak’s homegrown smart payment solution. The partnership was formalised through a Product Integration Agreement (PIA) between the two companies; with the exchange ceremony held at the World Congress on Innovation & Technology 2023 (WCIT 2023) in Kuching, Sarawak, yesterday.

So, how does it work for the users? Proton models equipped with IHU that runs ATLAS operating system (OS) will be able to have the latest Pay & Go feature via over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Once the feature is in, simply use Pay & Go to perform parking payments just by tapping on the infotainment display. No more physical tickets, no more fumbling through your smartphones to pay for parking.

Interestingly, Pay & Go utilises plate recognition technology that makes the whole process more seamless. Unlike most parking facilities, drivers simply can drive past the barrier without having to stop or wind down the car window.

But first, users will need to save their number plates in their Pay & Go account and topup credits in-app. Then, use this credit to perform parking payment from the car’s IHU display before approaching the exit. Since this is Sarawak’s homegrown app, QR payment via Sarawak Pay - Sarawak’s equivalent of TNG eWallet - is also supported.

Additionally, upcoming software updates will enable users to pay directly from their ATLAS Pay e-wallet accounts.

The Pay & Go feature is now available for Proton X70 and it will soon be made available in more connected Proton models, starting with the X-series. Pay & Go services are currently available in 28 locations, primarily in Sarawak, and will be expanded to more areas especially in the Klang Valley.

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