Porsche Planning Boxster Spyder GT4

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Porsche Planning Boxster Spyder GT4

Porsche is on a comfortable roll right now with the rousing success of its Cayman GT4 and, more recently, the unveiling of the 2016 Boxster Spyder. Keen to capitalise on this upward spiral, the company is looking at expanding its range further. 

According to Autocar, a senior source within Porsche let on that the Boxster Spyder might be seen in GT4 form soon. The source said, “We are looking at it right now. Much of the engineering has already been done for the Cayman, so we think this might be a good direction for us.”

Both the Cayman GT4 (below right) and new Boxster Spyder (below left) share the 3.8-litre flat-six engine but the Cayman has an additional 10 horsepower at 385. The GT4 also has a fully adjustable front suspension that it inherited from the 911 GT3, which the standard Boxster Spyder lacks and could be something the future GT4 version could feature as a differentiator. Other possible additions plucked from Porsche’s GT3 bin could be uprated brakes and the aero pack from the Cayman GT4. We're pretty sure that the GT4 version of the Boxster Spyder will be an even faster and more track-capable version, but with so little weight left to lose, there's a strong possibility that the changes would stem from a more powerful engine and better suspension components.

Porsche has to be careful not to tread over its own feet when it comes to pricing as the Boxster Spyder’s price is already within earshot of the Cayman GT4. A more expensive version could force them to sit uncomfortably close to each other on the pricing scale. Considering how the Cayman is meant to sit slightly higher than the Boxster in general, some changes would definitely need to be made to ensure a clear hierarchy.

There’s undeniable demand for the expansion of the Cayman range, highlighted most recently with the GT4. And it could mean that Porsche sees the GT4 as analogous to the GT3 as they share some components, making a future GT4 RS even more plausible. 

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